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Although September is still a few months away, planning for Vegan Night Out 2013 is well underway. The event will take place on September 17th, 2013. The follow up to last year will be very similar…but much more exciting!

For those of you who may not remember, Vegan Night Out took place on September 18, 2012 in downtown Harrisonburg. The event featured vegan dining at downtown restaurants, followed by a free screening of the documentary film Vegucated. Hundreds turned out to eat, and then 85 people came for the screening, which also included free vegan smoothies, baked goods, product samples, and literature.

VNO this year looks to be even more amazing. The plan at present is to have downtown vegan dining at to-be-determined restaurants from 4-6 p.m., and then from 6:30-8 p.m. at Court Square Theater to do a free screening of a vegan-related documentary film. The film will be followed (from about 8-9 p.m.) by a talk by Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan of Our Hen House, a leading veganism/animal rights non-profit based in NYC. Both of them are extremely excited about the opportunity (which would also include a second night for a talk in Staunton), at a time when they are severely limiting their travel and speaking engagements.

We are now in the process of trying to fundraise for the event…and you can help! We currently have raised $2,450 of non-profit grants and private donations. But we still need to raise at least $1,200 more to make Vegan Night Out: Harrisonburg happen this year!

VNO was a huge hit last year, and we continue to meet people who went vegan or started seriously changing their diets after attending the event. It also provided lots of interest in our local Meetup group, Shenandoah Valley Vegans. One attendee shared the following thoughts after VNO last year:

“I first heard about Vegan Night Out from Justin when I was writing an advance on the event for the Daily News-Record. Already a vegetarian and dabbling with the idea of veganism, the night seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn more about the vegan lifestyle in a supportive, fun, low-pressure environment. After the event, I felt both challenged by the material presented, and empowered by seeing how many others in Harrisonburg were vegan, vegetarian or curious, like myself. Events that honestly inform and entertain are always enriching to our community, particularly when they bring people together, rather than drive more differences between us. Vegan Night Out is a great example of the kind of well-informed change that so many in this town are craving.”

Please consider supporting VNO this year. Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting this fun, informative community event with heart, please forward them this page.

Contact us today if you would like to sponsor!
Or go to A Well-Fed World’s donation page, select Sponsor-A-Project from the Program Area drop-down menu,
and specify “Vegan Night Out” in the comments field!!!


About Justin Van Kleeck

I am a vegan (since 1999), a curious skeptic, a bookworm, a nature lover, and your garden-variety neurotic. My wrestling with chaos manifests as writing and, with my wife, tending our friends the plants and spending quality time with our rescued furry kids. I am fun at parties (because I am never there) and so unique that I am easy to forget. So take that, modernity.

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