Vegan Night Out Fundraiser at Blue Nile

Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine has offered to donate 15% of non-alcoholic sales from 6-8 pm on August 5th to Vegan Night Out!!!

Join the Shenandoah Valley Vegans for our Vegan Margarita Monday at Blue Nile and enjoy their Monday 1/2 price special on margaritas. When you do, your food purchase will help support this year’s big vegan community event with heart!

Share the fundraiser with your friends and ask them to stop by and eat vegan to help make Vegan Night Out happen!

Be sure to mention to your server that you are there for the Vegan Night Out fundraiser. And, of course, be sure to choose one of Blue Nile’s awesome vegan menu offerings…of which there are so many!

Our thanks go out to Blue Nile for their generous support and for being so vegan friendly. They are one of the few restaurants who not only offer vegan menu items, but also have a separate fryer for vegan and non-vegan items!


About Justin Van Kleeck

I am a vegan (since 1999), a curious skeptic, a bookworm, a nature lover, and your garden-variety neurotic. My wrestling with chaos manifests as writing and, with my wife, tending our friends the plants and spending quality time with our rescued furry kids. I am fun at parties (because I am never there) and so unique that I am easy to forget. So take that, modernity.

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