Participating Restaurants Update

We have gotten THREE restaurants so far confirmed for Vegan Night Out: Harrisonburg on September 17th! The following specials will be good during Vegan Night Out’s dining time, from 5-7 pm.

Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine: 181 N. Main St.
– 25% off vegan entrees.

PULP: 135 S. Main St.
– 1/2 off vegan bowls!

Friendly City Food Co-op: 150 E. Wolfe St.
– vegan wrap or sandwich, bowl of soup, and San Pelligrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage for $6.99

Stay tuned for more updates on participating restaurants and specials.

Are you a food business owner in Harrisonburg who is interested in participating in Vegan Night Out? Contact us to inquire about participation!


About Justin Van Kleeck

I am a vegan (since 1999), a curious skeptic, a bookworm, a nature lover, and your garden-variety neurotic. My wrestling with chaos manifests as writing and, with my wife, tending our friends the plants and spending quality time with our rescued furry kids. I am fun at parties (because I am never there) and so unique that I am easy to forget. So take that, modernity.

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