Vegan Night Out Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Vegan Night Out in Harrisonburg, VA, and the related events this week successful. It was an amazing few days…

All told, we put on Vegan Night Out on Tuesday, a workshop at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA on Wednesday, and then a free screening of Forks Over Knives in Fishersville, VA on Thursday.

Jasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan from Our Hen House did a wonderful job on Tuesday at Vegan Night Out; heir talk was immediately followed by a free screening of Turlock – The Documentary. Then on Wednesday they led a very informative, engaging workshop at Mary Baldwin College. In addition, they got to appear on the local news station on Monday, and then Mariann was invited back to “debate” with a representative from the Virginia Farm Bureau!!!

Vegan Night Out-Jasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan of Our Hen House

Vegan Night Out-Jasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan of Our Hen House

The turnout for Vegan Night Out was less than last year, but it was still a great event with lots of positive energy. I heard that many people were out at the various restaurants dining, and then 40 people came to the talk and screening of Turlock.

Then we had 12 attendees for the workshop on Wednesday, and 13 attendees of the Forks Over Knives screening.

Mary Baldwin College

Mary Baldwin College

Forks Over Knives screening-Dr. Jack Garber, vegan cardiologist!

Forks Over Knives screening-Dr. Jack Garber, vegan cardiologist!

It is amazing to see interest in veganism in the Shenandoah Valley continue to grow. New members join our Shenandoah Valley Vegans group every few weeks, and we are up to 65 members in the Meetup group at present (with interest from a few more who attended the events this week!); we also have been growing on the group’s Facebook page!

Thank you to all the folks who helped make Vegan Night Out an exciting event with so many unbelievable resources coming together to help people get out and go vegan!

About Justin Van Kleeck

I am a vegan (since 1999), a curious skeptic, a bookworm, a nature lover, and your garden-variety neurotic. My wrestling with chaos manifests as writing and, with my wife, tending our friends the plants and spending quality time with our rescued furry kids. I am fun at parties (because I am never there) and so unique that I am easy to forget. So take that, modernity.

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